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Patentes y Marcas Naranjo is a company with completely Spanish capital which since its founding in 1920 has been offering all public services related to Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Services

Efficiency, Agility, Range, Continuous monitoring and Economics are the main factors that distinguish us, becoming one of the agencies with the highest number of positive results provided to their clients.

Global Advice - Custom project development and consulting

We help you determine what actions to protect your brand.

Searches and previous reports

Before starting the process to apply for registration we recommend a little research.

National and international registration, domains

When you register you purchase the right to use exclusively a particular creation.

Law Office

Our legal team is at your disposal to answer any questions you want to to make with no obligation.

Surveillance and Maintenance

If you have acquired any of our registrations, we offer monitoring services as free!

Want to launch a new product?

If you are looking for a name and an image, you will save surprises! and costs.

Looking for a name for your business?

Check if the name you want is available in the main registrations.

Design your corporate identity

Before you start your business, make sure the name you have chosen can identify you in all areas.

Free Trademark Search


If you want to know if your trademark is available for registration with reliability guarantee click here to request a technical report. It offers features that you can not find in other types of reports on the Internet.

More information

News Blog

Valor de Marca

La marca como signo identificador de un producto o servicio ante el público consumidor está dentro de los activos intangibles de una empresa y su valoración resulta altamente compleja en primer lugar debido a que todos los métodos de valoración existentes tienen un componente subjetivo y, en segundo lugar, porque el peso e incidencia en el resultado final que tiene en estos casos la finalidad para la cual se realiza la valoración son muy elevados.

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Thanks to the Legal Office of Naranjo I have solved all the problems I had to manage my business. Professional and an excellent disposition to deal with the client.
Victoria Martín

Naranjo is a reference and an example of professionalism. I am very happy with their services.
Fernando Alfaro

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