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Is there any way to collaborate with Naranjo?2018-06-15T12:13:15+00:00

Naranjo has an area specially designed for collaborators. This interactive area is specially conceived and designed for all those companies or individuals that normally use or are interested in using the integral services of our agency to offer to their own clients.
Now, all our collaborators will be able to benefit from the advantages of our on-line services in terms of time saving and permanent contact, that will allow you to make any query, report or request for registration from your own office and Receive the information your customer needs directly and quickly.
You only have to choose the collaboration formula that interests you and complete the registration form to have access to all our online services.

How to find if a brand already exists?2018-06-15T12:14:53+00:00

Naranjo has a free service where you can check if a brand is registered. You can also request a technical report. offers you benefits that you can not find in other types of reports that exist on the Internet.

Personalized Advice2018-06-15T12:15:28+00:00

Send us your enquiry email and we will forward you our personalized advice.

I want to register my corporate image, what should I do?2018-06-15T12:16:10+00:00

Before your company begins to offer its activities to the public, make sure that the name you have chosen for it will be able to identify it in all areas: as a company, as a commercial name and Internet domain. Naranjo offers these services individually or the “3 services in 1”.

I have the name of my business decided, where should I register it?2018-06-15T12:16:43+00:00

Check if the name you want to incorporate your company is free in the two main registries that must admit it: Mercantile Register and Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.

What steps do I have to make if I want to launch a new product?2018-06-15T12:17:15+00:00

Check if the name you like is free, register the logo you will use in the different places and register the three-dimensional package that you have chosen so that your product arrives more forcefully to the public.

Does Naranjo have surveillance services?2018-06-15T12:18:19+00:00

If you have hired any of our records, we offer you the services of vigilance of form free!, but if you already had a register or a previous request the services that we offer to you then will help to keep you informed about its processing and periodic maintenance.

Is the processing of services in Naranjo safe?2018-06-15T12:19:05+00:00

Naranjo has as much security as possible to offer its clients total protection in the data, transactions or any other type of activity.

Is it possible to make a query without any compromise?2018-06-15T12:19:42+00:00

Our legal cabinet, composed of lawyers and specialized industrial property agents, is at your disposal to attend any queries you wish to make without any kind of commitment.
Whether you are already registered as a customer or if you have applications or records that make you an intellectual property rights holder, we help you to protect them effectively through our legal services.

How long is a brand or trade name granted?2018-06-15T12:20:11+00:00

10 years from the date of application for registration, which may be extended indefinitely by successive renewals for 10-year periods.

Is there any type of pre-registration study?2018-06-15T12:20:42+00:00

Before initiating the procedures to request a registration we advise to carry out a small investigation through which we can check if the name, drawing or invention that we are interested in is free or has already been registered by another person.
At the same time this research allows us to know the records of industrial property that has a certain person or company.

What kind of protection is achieved when registering Industrial and intellectual Property?2018-06-15T12:21:35+00:00

The law grants the holder of an industrial or intellectual property record a number of administrative and judicial measures to prevent his or her right from being harmed.

What is protected when making a record of Industrial and Intellectual Property?2018-06-15T12:22:10+00:00

A registration of this type acquires a right to use exclusively a certain creation (name, invention, Design…), so that no other person can use, market or register in his name the same creation or a very similar, within the Parameters that the law establishes.

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