Design your corporate image

Before your company begins to offer its activities to the public, make sure that the name you have chosen for it will be able to identify it in all areas:


As a society

It asks for the certificate of companies necessary for the notarial deed of incorporation to the mercantile register.

As trade name

Obtaining a favorable certificate of companies and the subsequent incorporation and registration of your company does not guarantee in any way that another company can register or have done so before a trade name equal or similar that identifies it before the Public.

Avoid informing and registering the name also before the Spanish Office of Patents and trademarks.

Internet Domain

Today it is essential to promote your company on the Internet, if you want to have your own domain name to which the email addresses and the web of your company and, especially, if you want to avoid that another person can register as Internet domain name Of the society you have constituted and registered.

Simultaneously in the three areas

You can check simultaneously if the name you want to use is free in these three fields: In a few days, in addition to receiving by mail the official certificate issued by the Mercantile registry, you will have a full report indicating if the same name It is free for you to register as a trade name and a domain, and indicandote the steps you have to follow.

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