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Our legal cabinet, composed of lawyers and specialized industrial property agents, is at your disposal to attend any queries you wish to make.

Whether you are already registered as a customer or if you have applications or records that make you an intellectual property rights holder, we help you to protect them effectively through our legal services:



We defend your application for registration against any formal objection or possible oppositions of third parties based on previous rights and records, and also against the oppositions that other people present against your registration.

Enhanced Resources (ADM)

If your application has been denied we carry out a comprehensive legal study and prepare a writ of appeal to make the denial resolution amended and your file is definitely accepted.

Answers to claims and lawsuits

If you have been reclaimed in a friendly or judicial manner due to the use of an industrial or intellectual property right, we prepare and confront your defense.

Enforcement – Enforce your rights!


If you have received information about a new registration request that is identical or similar to yours and you consider that it may harm you, hire this service.
It prevents it from being registered! We study the situation and draw up a legally structured statement stating the reasons why the agency responsible must reject the requested registration that may harm you.

Raised Resources (ATM)

Do you think that a register requested by another person has been unjustly granted and that this concession violates your previous exclusive use rights?
Don’t settle down! You can still do something to avoid hiring this service, we take care of exercising your rights to the body that has issued the resolution through a resource studied and written according to the specific circumstances of your case.

Friendly claims and lawsuits

is a competitor using your image?
Does anyone manufacture the mechanism that you have patented?
Do you want to unregister a previous mark?
Have you copied the title of your book, song?
Hire the services of our professionals to enforce your rights both in the friendly and jurisdictional way (civil, contentious, penal)

Expose your case and we inform you without any commitment of what is the best legal way to defend yourself, how much it will cost, what you can claim…

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