Monitoring and maintenance

If you have hired any of our records, we offer you the services of vigilance of form free!, but if you already had a register or a previous request the services that we offer to you then will help to keep you informed about its processing and periodic maintenance:

Monitoring and maintenance services


You will be permanently informed through your customer account of all registration requests filed by other people after yours and that are so similar as to cause confusion in your customers.

We sent you an e-mail! By listing you have similar requests to collect!

Submit allegations against applications that hurt you through our legal cabinet!


You will be able to follow step by step through your customer account the processing of your requests and the status of your records.

We send you an e-mail every time there is a publication, notification or official resolution related!

We send you several e-mail by listing with enough time the date your registration must be renewed!

We offer you the possibility of submitting allegations to obtain the grant of your registration!


Hire maintenance payments for your records and get the surveillance services for free.

We pay you! Renovations or maintenance fees to prevent your records from expiring.

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